Primary Foot Care Center, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with timely, state of the art podiatric medical services. Dr. Tamara  D. Fishman has been practicing podiatry for over two decades and has the experience and skill to provide you with optimal care and treatment. Primary Foot Care Center, Inc. treats foot, ankle and leg conditions. Primary Foot Care center, Inc. treats many patient’s with diabetic foot issues. Additionally, Dr. Fishman is certified to treat worker’s compensation injuries affecting the foot, ankle and leg.

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We accept most insurance plans including Obama Care and provide Same Day/Next Day appointments.

Walk-in appointment’s  are accepted between the hours of 9am and 2pm Monday-Thursday.

Dr. Tamara Fishman, more frequently known simply as Dr. T, brings decades of professional, family, and personal experience to her podiatry practice. Born in Long Island, Dr. T attended Adelphi University as an undergraduate and completed podiatry school at Barry University, where she remains their youngest graduate. After over twenty years, Dr. T continues to manage a successful podiatry practice. She has served on the State Board of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. T’s life is busy with her husband, two children, four dogs, a bearded dragon, and several fish. She remains active in her children’s lives and being able to enjoy and assist them in their ability to succeed remains her top priority. Doctor T’s broad range of experience makes her uniquely suited to address the many issues Primary Foot Care patient’s must confront every day. Dr. T’s combination of over two decades of experience and skill makes her an excellent and capable practitioner. Meet Dr. Tamara Fishman today, and begin working toward a healthy and pain-free future.

Did you know Dr. T. is a fitness instructor. Dr. T. instructs Spinning and Aqua classes. Ask Dr. T for further information.

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