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Self-verified patient of Tamara D Fishman – Posted on January 10th, 2022

Dr. Fishman in my opinion is the nicest doctor you will meet. She takes her time with you and you never feel rushed. I have seen her now a couple of times, and every time it is a pleasant experience. Her bed side manner is wonderful . She is very professional and caring and truly goes above and beyond. You definitely feel comfortable from the minute you meet her. I needed some paperwork done for my job, and she had it done. I highly recommend her for any foot issues you may have.


Self-verified patient of Tamara D Fishman – Posted on December 9th, 2021

I have read all the reviews below and can say they are all TRUE!!! Dr. Fishman is a wonderful doctor, kind, caring, and very understanding. I had an emergency situation as I was going out of town, and was able to get in before I left. My problem was more serious than I thought ( I am a Diabetic ) and essentially the doctor saved my life. If I had waited any longer I probably would have lost my leg. As much as I was upset about cancelling my trip, Dr. Fishman convinced me to , and I am glad I listened. seek medical Dr. Fishman was direct and assisted me in every way possible. I Thank you, Dr. Fishman, for all your attentive care and following up with me, I loook forward to seeing you again.

Self-verified patient of Tamara D Fishman – Posted on November 8th, 2021

I was in Florida on vacation and needed a podiatrist for a very painful foot condition, and when I called Dr. Fishman’s office they made me the same-day appointment and saw me right away. I was so impressed with how easy the check-in process was, and that I did not have to wait long. The minute you met Dr. fishman she makes you feel so comfortable, She is so nice and has a great personality. I was so scared. She explains everything to you, step by step, and is so calm and nice. She did everything in her power to make me feel comfortable and before I knew it the visit was over and I felt so much better. We chatted about so many things, that the time went by so fast. The doctors’ side manner is so comforting. If I am ever in Florida again, I will just stop by and visit her. Thank you Dr. Fishman for taking care of me so quickly.

Self-verified patient of Tamara D Fishman – Posted on October 4th, 2021

Dr. Fishman is just outstanding. From the moment you walk in, she is very attentive. She has helped me so much with my terrible foot pain. The doctor really cares about your overall well-being not just your feet. She takes the extra time to follow up with your progress. The office follows all Covid precautions and she enforces them. The doctor also took her time in explaining the covid and flu vaccines to me, and now I have a better understanding. She really knows her stuff !! She spends all the time you need to help you out. Do not hesitate to see her if you have a foot problem!

Self-verified patient of Tamara D Fishman – Posted on July 8th, 2021

I was a student of Dr. Fishman’s at Broward Community College . The doctor was the best instructor I have ever had. Her lectures were so interesting and I look forward to each class. Her class was awesome and I learned a whole lot. Dr. Fishman brings real life experiences into her lectures which helped me see the value of what she was teaching. She was always prepared and and on time. Additionally, she was always available for all the students. During one of our classes I had mentioned I was suffering with severe heel pain ( we were studying lower extremity anatomy ) , and she spoke to me after class. She said that I should see another podiatrist and she would refer me to another doctor because at the time she was my professor. I waited till the semester was over. I am so happy I went to see her. She is so nice and helped me so much with my heel pain. Even after the semester was over, she is still available for her students. She is an extremely dedicated professor and doctor. If you have any foot problem, go see her. if you are a student at Broward Community college’s science department, take a class with her, you will be glad you did.

Self-verified patient of Tamara D Fishman – Posted on June 10th, 2021

I am so happy that I made an appointment with Dr. Fishman. She is a very genuine, caring, knowledgeable doctor. Her check-in process is stream lined, very easy, and comfortable. As I walked into the office , there were a few people in the waiting room, laughing and smiling with the doctor. Apparently, they just came to visit her , and show off their grandchildren. When the doctor left the waiting room, they couldn’t stop telling me what a wonderful person she is, and that I had made a great choice in doctor. They were very open about how much she had helped the both of them throughout the years and has been her patient for the past 25 years and would never go anywhere else. Well, I can honestly say I agree with them 100 %. She really is wonderful and caring. She took her time with me and completely understood my concerns. I will be seeing her again and look forward to my next visit.

Self-verified patient of Tamara D Fishman – Posted on April 1st, 2021

I have read all the reviews and could not agree more. Dr. Fishman is just awesome. From the moment you arrive- by the way, check-in a snap.. the easiest I have ever had, it is all done on-line. Dr. Fishman is full of energy and life. She is so informative about so many things. She is really easy to talk too- she listens . You NEVER feel rushed. She is so concerned about you and your overall health, she takes your blood pressure and talked to me about Covid, so I understood the importance of the Vaccine. I was on the fence , but she signed me up and now I am vaccinated. Thank you Dr. Fishman for helping me so much with my foot problem and my overall health. You are a angel


Self-verified patient of Tamara D Fishman – Posted on October 28th, 2020

I was in so much pain when I entered Dr. Fishman’s office. I won’t get into the treatments I had, that did not help at all. Dr. Fishman was so understanding and addressed my problem head-on. I had an insurance issue, and she said don’t worry about it right now, let’s take care of you first. I could not believe it. She was very kind and understanding . I was turned away from another office because I did not have enough money, I was short 15 dollars. I actually cried when Dr. Fishman said don;t worry about the money now. I had a high deductible and paid so much to other doctors, that I did not have enough for her visit. She said we will talk about that later. After a few visits, I feel amazing, my foot problem is better. I will also say Dr. Fishman educated me so much on the reasons I should get my Flu shot, I was afraid. I am proud to say I got my Flu shot due to Dr. Fishman. If you have a foot problem and want to see a kind, smart and understanding doctor, go see her.


Self-verified patient of Tamara D Fishman – Posted on September 7th, 2020

I was referred to Dr. Fishman from a dear friend who spoke so highly of her. I was concerned to go see her due to to Covid but I was in so much pain I had to go. Dr. Fishman was so patient with me, kind and understanding of my problem. All covid precautions were followed in her office, and I felt very comfortable. Dr. Fishman was very knowledgeable of my foot issue and right away knew what to do. I had some issues with my insurance and Dr. Fishman was able to fix them right away. I am doing much better in fact great due to Dr. Fishman and looking forward to my continued care with her. I am grateful for everything she has done for me. If you have any foot problems, go see her, you will glad you did. Your feet will be glad you did !!!!!! I am looking forward to my next appointment with Dr. Fishman.

Self-verified patient of Tamara D Fishman – Posted on August 5th, 2020

Recently I visited Dr. Fishman for an emergency. I am a diabetic patient with an ingrown toenail issue. I was very scared to go to the doctor’s office due to Covid, but Dr. Fishman reassured me it was ok to come in. Her office follows all CDC guidelines, and I felts safe. She was very reassuring to me and answered all my questions . In fact she answered all my questions concerning Covid. She is patient, understanding and very kind. Additionally, I was shocked she called me the next day to see how I was feeling. Thank you .

Self-verified patient of Tamara D Fishman – Posted on June 12th, 2020

I was referred to Dr. Fishman through a friend. I had seen 2 other podiatrists before, and not much was done. I have been suffering for 2 years , bad foot pain. I used to exercise a lot but stopped due to foot pain. DR. Fishman listened to all my concerns. I felt so much at ease, and did not feel I was being judged because I am overweight. Every doctor told me to lose weight, your fat, not Dr. Fishman. She introduced me to water aerobics ( pre – Covid ) and I actually lost weight. She has ben so supportive and helpful to me. I feel so much better when I speak to Dr. Fishman. I know it will take some time, but I also know Dr. Fishman will help me on my journey to lose weight. p.s my feet are feeling better and I am walking more.

A Heart of Gold
Self-verified patient of Tamara D Fishman – Posted on June 4th, 2020

I was referred to see Dr. Fishman for a foot problem I have been having for years. I was in severe pain when I arrived. She was so kind and so full of life I forgot I was in pain. With so much going on in the world today, she is a breath of fresh air. If you are looking for a patient, kind, the smart and attentive doctor then go see her. Honestly, I thought I was a a therapist office , she listened to me talk and talk, and actually gave me some good life advise in addition to great foot care treatment. . While I was in the office another patient came in in a panic and she was so sweet to the patient. This doctor truly does have a heart of gold.