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Arch Pain

Arch pain deals with any symptoms which affect the arch of the foot, which is comprised of a tight band of tissue which stretches from the toes to the heel and is necessary for the proper transfer of weight from heel to toe. Arch pain tends to share a few causes with heel pain, one of these causes being plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a condition in which the band of tissue that makes up the arch of the foot becomes inflamed due to being subjected to a large or constant amount of stress, i.e. an extended period of walking. Any person who subjects the arch of their feet to repeated strain is at risk of developing plantar fasciitis, though this condition tends to be more common in middle-aged men and women.

Another cause of arch pain is a condition known as tarsal tunnel syndrome. Tarsal tunnel syndrome happens when the tibial nerve which runs through the ankle becomes pinched. Though this condition is normally confined in the ankle since the tibial nerve proceeds through the entire foot the arch can also become affected by the pain caused by the condition. The exact cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome is hard to pinpoint but anything that would increase pressure in the tarsal tunnel could be the culprit and repeated and prolonged stress is most likely another factor in developing the condition.

As far as treatment for both of these ailments goes, they share a common theme. The best way to treat both injuries involves removing the stress placed on the foot and arch. Some ways of doing this would be obtaining orthotic inserts or even new more comfortably fitting shoes. Also, stretching of the tissues in the arch and strengthening of the legs and calves will help to remove stress from the arch of the foot.

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