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Circulation Problems

Circulatory issues associated with the foot and ankle, such as peripheral vascular disease and peripheral arterial disease, are often comorbid with conditions such as cardiac disease, diabetes, renal disease, and hypertension. Left ignored or untreated; they can lead to severe issues such as ulceration, gangrene, and amputation.

By emphasizing prevention, our podiatrist can help stave off or diagnose any vascular disorders at their earliest stages, when they’re typically most straightforward to treat. Our podiatrist first evaluates a patient’s baseline circulatory status and will recommend additional diagnostic vascular testing and referrals as indicated.

For patients among the high-risk population, such as those that suffer from diabetic foot ulcerations, our podiatrist, along with a vascular surgeon, will work together to help prevent limb loss. If necessary, modern surgical medicine provides options for advanced and minimally invasive techniques of revascularization.

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