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Geriatric Foot Care

If you stop to think about all the wear and tear your feet endure in a lifetime, along with the natural changes accompanying aging, one thing is clear. Seniors need to be ever mindful of foot care and take the necessary steps to support optimal foot health and function.

For many seniors, chronic foot pain and balance and mobility issues are common problems. Besides issues with faulty foot mechanics, wear and tear, the consequences of trauma, and other disorders limited to the lower extremities and feet, the elderly often develop systemic conditions that can manifest signs and symptoms in the feet. A close look at the feet can reveal the effects and severe consequences of underlying conditions like diabetes, circulatory issues, and arthritis, to name a few.

The best way to monitor foot health and provide the needed preventive and therapeutic treatment is to partner with a skilled podiatrist for care. Our office works closely with the elderly to keep a close watch on decreased circulation, nail health, skin breakdowns and disorders, infections, loss of sensation, and related symptoms. We also check for deformities, injuries, mobility, and balance issues.

Since proper foot hygiene is essential to maintaining foot health, we provide older patients and their caregivers with the support needed to inspect, clean, and maintain foot health daily. We also offer custom orthotics and the therapeutic care needed to help prevent falls, alleviate discomfort, reduce inflammation, and resolve foot pain, irritation, and functional issues.

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