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Numbness of the Foot

Although it’s not uncommon to experience an occasional tingle or numb feeling in your feet, a prolonged loss of sensation, tingling, or numbness can signal a more serious underlying problem. For example, feeling pins and needles when standing up after having your legs crossed for a long time typically goes away quickly and is not a reason for concern. However, when the numbness, tingling, or associated symptoms linger and don’t resolve, it’s essential to make an appointment with our office for an assessment and care.

Several factors can contribute to lingering tingling or a loss of sensation, including diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, blood disorders, circulatory problems, neuroma, poor nutrition, and injury to the feet or spine. In many cases, nerve issues and circulatory problems represent the underlying cause.

Although it’s not related to a broader medical issue, shoes that are too tight can also cause ongoing toe numbness. In this situation, treatment may be as simple as appropriate footwear to help alleviate the symptoms. Furthermore, an acute injury resulting in numbness frequently resolves with therapeutic care and healing.

Our office provides skilled, experienced podiatric care to diagnose any underlying causes, address numbness, and restore foot health and function as possible. When numbness is associated with a systemic medical condition; we provide the guidance and integrated care needed to alleviate symptoms and help manage the condition and its consequences.

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