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Remy Laser

Now available at Primary Foot Care Center, Inc.

The Remy Laser is an innovative class IV laser used for treating chronic foot and ankle pain and toenail fungus.

At Primary Foot Care Center, Inc. , our mission is to utilize the tools, knowledge, and techniques necessary to provide our patients with the personal relief they need. One treatment option that we admire for its convenience and flexibility is our Class IV laser.

Also known as the “Remy,” this advanced tool can provide a wide variety of therapeutic applications that would have required multiple different laser treatment systems in the past. Remy can help with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Recovery from sports injuries
  • Post-surgical healing
  • Nerve pain
  • Toenail fungus
  • Warts
  • Sprains and Tears
  • Wound Healing
  • Neuroma
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Arthritis and Gout
  • Bunions

And each of these conditions can be treated efficiently without any pain or damage to the body!

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How Class IV Laser Therapy Works:

Laser therapy has been a medical tool for some time now. Depending on the wavelength of laser energy used and the manner of application, its uses can stimulate tissue activities and healing, or attack and eradicate fungus within the nails.

With Remy’s Class IV system, we have a wide variety of applications within one unit. We can adjust the lasers and manner of application to fit a wide range of patient needs. Since it does not damage healthy tissue, does not require the use of drugs, and has extremely low complication risk, laser treatment can easily be recommended as a primary or supporting part of an overall treatment plan for almost anyone.

Several laser treatment sessions are often scheduled out over weeks, largely depending on the type and severity of the condition being addressed.

Let’s further explore how our Class IV laser can be helpful in various situations.

Laser Treatment for Acute Injuries and Pain

Laser therapy has frequently been a treatment option for soft tissue injuries such as tendinitis, strains, sprains, and plantar fasciitis, among others.

In such cases, laser energy is directed to the site of an injury. This triggers several beneficial responses from the body, including:

  • Increased tissue reproduction and growth.
  • Increased blood flow to the area (bringing more of what you need for repairs).
  • Decreased inflammation.
  • Decreased pain.

By increasing comfort and accelerating healing, we can help patients get back to the activities they love with fewer potential complications.

Laser Treatment for Chronic Pain

A cause of pain does not necessarily need to be recent for laser therapy to be an effective course of treatment.

In many cases, chronic pain is the result of a stalled healing process that was never fully completed. Some form of obstacle or complication contests the body’s ability to heal, and your body can eventually “give up.”

Laser treatment can restimulate the healing process in your body, just like it accelerates the healing process that may already be underway for a recent injury. If we also make sure the underlying complications are addressed as well, laser therapy can often provide the long-term relief patients need.

Laser Treatment for Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can be caused by neuromas, pinched nerves, or peripheral neuropathy due to diabetic complications or other factors. On a case-by-case basis, we may consider using the Class IV laser as a means of reducing pain and aiding recovery.

Laser Treatment for Post-Surgical Recovery

Not only can laser treatment be effective at improving comfort and accelerating recovery of soft tissues; but it can also help prevent the formation of scar tissue.

Use of the Remy laser can also help reduce the risk of complications following surgery by shortening the amount of time you may be vulnerable to infections. Patients can get back to doing what they love sooner and with less to worry about.

Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails

While laser treatment can stimulate the body’s tissues, it can also be set to destroy fungal invaders.

Laser is the safest and most comfortable option for treating fungal toenail infections. The laser energy is able to pass through the nail tissue and hit the underlying fungus directly. It can reach fungus more easily and effectively than topical medications, and without the side effects that can result from use of oral antifungal medications.

Alternatively, we can use laser treatment alongside topical or oral medications when necessary for an even greater effect. Once the fungus has been eradicated, new healthy nails can be allowed to grow out to replace it.

The Care You Need, when (and How) You Need It

Whatever pain or problems you may be facing, rest assured that we will only recommend the treatments we believe will work best for your unique situation – and only after taking the time to fully examine and understand everything surrounding your condition. Sometimes advanced therapy such as Remy may be what you need. Other times, more conservative or traditional treatments may be recommended.

Schedule an appointment with us to see if this treatment is for you by calling 305-948- 8497 or by filling out our online contact form.

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